Business Loan

We believe that you need appropriate finance based on the nature and goals of your business. With our range of secured lending solutions, we can help you get the right loan for your business.Whatever the size of your business and type of industry, you will at some point of time need financing either to meet a dire need or make the most of a business opportunity. At these times, your property can be a suitable security, among others, to finance this need. Our company has designed 'Loan Against Property' to enable you to make use of the power of your property to structure your loan to meet your business requirement.

We offer a wide range of services to meet all the banking requirements of small and medium enterprises. The limits are fixed keeping in view the enterprise's need for funds against the value of the security, margin available and credit worthiness of the borrower's enterprise.If you're looking to propel your new business or further enhance the output of your existing one, our secured business loan is the right choice. Acquire convenient funding for general corporate purposes, against unencumbered security.

We offer a wide range of services for funding of commercial vehicles and construction equipments.the customer requirements are properly understood and documented. After this the customer requirements are matched with company capability and services are offered as per the requirements of the customer within the overall policy framework/procedural guidelines. Creditworthiness of the customer is properly assessed and approval is obtained from the appropriate authority.

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  • - Medical Equipments
  • - All Industrial Equipments