Over Draft Limit

We provide funding for OD Limit (Overdraft Limit) Providers.

OD or Overdraft Limit is the excess withdrawal over the Current Account Amount. Every Current A/C Holder enjoys this facility, wherin they can borrow in excess of their funds in the account This limit is enhanced or reduced based on the Customer's Credit worthiness.

OD / CC Limit


Banks do not advance 100% of the value of underlying securities when they sanction you a CC/ OD limit.The difference between the value of the security pledged and the overdraft / cc limit available to you is called as Margin Money. Required documents are..

  • - Working Capital
  • - Term Loan
  • - Business Loan

Cash Credit Limit

CC or Cash Credit is the limit upto which a bank is willing to give cash as a short term borrowing to a company. It has nothing to do with the Current Account of the Business. CC Limit varies from bank to bank and customer to customer based on their Creditworthiness.

Cash Credit Account
This account is the primary method in which banks lend money against the securities of commodities and debt. It runs like a current account except that the money that can be withdrawn from this account is not restricted to the amount deposited in the account.Instead the account holder is permitted to withdraw a certain sum called "Limit" or "Credit Facility" in excess of the amount deposited in the account.