Project Loans

Loan arrangement in which the repayment is derived primarily from the project's cash flow on completion, and where the project's assets, rights, and interests are held as collateral. In project finance, lenders and investors rely either exclusively ("non-recourse" financing) or mainly ("limited recourse" financing) on the cash flow generated by the project to repay their loans and earn a return on their investments. This is in contrast to corporate lending where lenders rely on the strength of the borrower's balance sheet for their loans.

Project loan is also available to acquire the fixed assets like land & building, plant & machinery etc. Project Loans are available to the existing business or industrial houses for growth purpose and equally available to the new business entrants in form of seed or startup capital.


Project financing is emerging as the preferred alternative to conventional methods of financing infrastructure and other large-scale projects worldwide.

Priority List

Customers are advised to verify the credentials of such projects/builders through their independent advocates and shall not rely only upon the affirmations of the Builder and/or the Bank and thereafter take a decision. The customers shall take note of the fact that only upon the Bank having satisfied itself about the merits of each case, the Bank will approve the loan proposal.

  • - Health Care Providers
  • - Food Products
  • - Industrial Equipment
  • - Jewellery and Media
  • - Metals and Mining
  • - Paper & Plastics
  • - Petroleum Products
  • - Retail Trading
  • - Textiles & Transportation Logistics
  • - Services - Communication / Transport
  • - Software & Specialty
  • - Rubber and Road Transport Infrastructure
  • - Professional Services - NBFC, Irrigation, etc.