There are various types of loans that are available in the market; one of them is loan against property. Each of the loans has distinct conditions applicable to its operation. The term 'loan against property' refers to a situation in which the borrower takes a loan from a bank or financial institution where the security for the loan is a property that is owned by the borrower. The nature of the property will determine the amount of the loan that is possible and the extent of the amount of the loan that is actually available at a certain point of time. Availing of a loan against property ensures that the necessary borrowing is completed with the security being created and that the funds are available for the necessary use at a low interest rate.

Loan Against Property


We will give you a loan against Property. Both Commercial or Residential. You can also apply to aquire a new Property.You can mortgage your residential, commercial or Industrial property to get a loan & meet all your financial requirements.Loan Against Property is a secured multi-purpose loan with larger tenor and lesser rate of interest.

  • - Simple and Speedy Processing
  • - Loan for Salaried and Self-Employed individuals
  • - Attractive Interest Rates
  • - Simple documentation and Fast approvals
  • - Expanding your business
  • - Longer Loan Tenure

Plot / Construction Loan

Most banks offer loans to people who wish to buy a piece of plot to construct their dream home. Available to salaried and self-employed people and also to NRIs, land loans enable you to purchase a residential plot of land.You have identified a beautiful plot of land on which you wish to construct your dream home by yourself. With this loan you can purchase non-agricultural land situated within Municipal / Local Development Authority limits and then construct your house. Customer can invest now in a plot of land & build in future. The Land loan can be financed only within municipal limits of HUB locations or in case of direct allotment outside municipal limits.

Take a plot cum construction loan. In such a case the tax benefits are available on both portions of the loan.Easy Documentation, Hassle free Plot loan Process.